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About Our Process


We meet with you to hear your ideas. We discuss your options and expectations, laying the foundation for a working relationship. We'll visit your initial thoughts about design, your budget, and go over any questions you may have.


We will meet with you at your lot, or lots you are considering purchasing to discuss the pros and cons of each and highlight potential pros and cons. With our mountain topography, this is a crucial step as not every lot can accept every house plan.


We can help you form a design team with and architect if you don’t have one to help you develop your home and bring your style, layout, features and preferences to life. Additionally, we will work with the architect/designer to make sure that the design process is completed with your budget in mind.


With an in house interior designer available, we won’t leave you to the wolves to pick out everything yourself. From help with your kitchen design to lighting, plumbing, and paint colors, we’ve got your back.


Once the plans and specifications are ready and financing is secure, the construction process can begin. We will handle everything from permitting, thru construction, to handing you your keys. This process is the most fun, where you get to see all of your work and ideas come to three dimensional life.

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